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Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes

This was the first service we ever provided back in 2010 and even to this day it is still our most popular. Buying Facebook Likes has had some bad press in the recent months but the people who write these articles are pretty clueless to how online marketing works, or even real life marketing too.

The way we see (and the way thousands of other people see it) is that if you have an empty Facebook Page with very little content or user interaction, people will be more inclined to look elsewhere for their products or services which you provide. It's human nature. The more Likes or a following a page gets - the more trustworthy it is. Buy Facebook Likes from Social Boost UK and within in a couple of days your company will have gone from having next to no trust at all to having so much trust and respect you won't know what to do with it.

There are very few reason why you shouldn't ignore Facebook. Here are some interesting facts about Facebook:

Facebook has over 1.35 BILLION active users Worldwide. That is 1/6th's of the Worlds population. Unbelievable. Facebook also grows at a rate of 14% per year.

There are 4.5 Billion Likes generated every DAY.

In Europe alone there are over 223 Million active users. This is an insane figure when you count the fact there is around 730 Million people who live here. That's over 1/3 of Europe's population.

Take a look at Zephoria's Top 15 Valuable Facebook Statistics to get a better idea on how much you can expand your business if you use Facebook the right way.

Also, check out 200 Amazing Facebook Statistics. These statistics are useful when using their ad system plus it is an interesting read.

Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

Twitter is exactly the same as Facebook in most respects. The more Twitter Followers - The more trust. Don't go to far though, if you have a small company with a small client base it doesn't make sense that such a company would have hundreds and thousands of Twitter Followers. Keep it realistic.

Having said that, you do want more Followers than your competitors so make sure when you do buy Twitter Followers that you keep it to a realistic number as opposed to all your competitors and the industry you are in.

Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Although Instagram isn't seen as the best marketing tool in the world it can do wonders for most companies / artists / musicians etc. When you look at big companies Instagram (for example Starbucks) you can see that they post all of their marketing and promotional pictures on there.

They are not necessarily adverts as such but they still post them. The more pictures they post, the more people Like and Comment on the photos which in turn spreads their company name around. It is things like that which you and your company could be doing right now. Having none or a little amount of Instagram Followers makes this impossible so Buy Instagram Followers today and step up on the Instagram Network.

Increase YouTube Views

I don't think we need to tell you how important YouTube is to your company or brand. YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the planet and the potential for marketing on this network is huge.

YouTube Views

We all see various video go viral and wonder why such a stupid or silly video started getting so many views in the first place to start people sharing and liking the video themselves. It is simple. The majority of people will of bought views to get the ball rolling. Look at Gangnam Style as an example. If you was to listen to this on the radio or see it on TV before it went viral - there would be nothing special about it. The fact that this video went viral was why it was so successful and sold millions upon millions of copies. It is in fact the most watched YouTube video of all time by a long shot.

Now, we are not saying that the label involved in promoting this video bought views - but there's a very big chance that they did. If you see a video on YouTube that has lots of views you are more likely to watch the video and share it with friends than you would of if it only had a handful. This is the true meaning of the word 'viral' when people start doing that.

Buy YouTube Views from Social Boost and you will be promoting your business in no time.

Check out Video Brewery's helpful YouTube Marketing Statistics which will help you along your way in YouTube Marketing.

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